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America and Europe are the most popular targets of immigrants... Simply because we are able to live comfortably and our States care for us.
How much a State or Country provides as social security for their citizens and immigrants differ by Country or State
In general, the means provided by the State are funded through taxes. Thus one should never abuse the system.
There are many who qualify for help and it is essential within a social society that the strong take care of the rest.
Don't you agree, that if you are capable you should help and support? That is the factor which make a society work.

A lot of illegal immigrants enter the country

Sure a lot are just up to fast money and the American Dream... but way more than you think, have real and heartbreaking stories.

A lot went through hardship you cannot even imagine(including persecution and torture) ... others just want to be with their families.

Another point to consider is ... Everyone in the US has an immigration background, except the native Indians.

If it were that hard to come to the US in the 20th centrury, US would lack a big part of its inhabitants and some of the most brilliant people.

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