I was coming in on a tourist visa -> Visa Waiver Program

I and my husband did everything to stay legal, including filing changes of address to the immigration.
Only we had not enough money to pay all the fees for the green card... so we pushed that from week to week to months….
We did file some in-between though not all … but the main one, the I-130, was approved by them. This one is, that US government officially approves the marriage.

Long story short… they detained me; before all docs were filed (they were at that time actually laying on the dining table, as we were just about to file them).
They put me into detention… first locally… than in the middle of the night they cuffed me… put me into a van and ran xxx miles to Alabama.
They lied to my husband… and camouflaged I was taken away… Later I learned from a guard that this is a policy to cut you off from support of family & friends
At first I tried to fight… but that went to the background compared to the thought of getting out of there. So finally I signed a deal… going back voluntary.