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It is not easy anymore

US have tightened their conditions for immigration and cut back on the quotia of people allowed to come in.

Plus they are enforcing their borders and hunting down everybody looking "illegal"

This is funny now... How do you profile "illegal looking" ?
LOL.. everybody (except native Americans) came eventually from a different country and would have inheritated their specific looks, depending on dom genes.

So do you check every white person? No... I have the feeling the profiling goes more in the direction of Latins... So being of Latin descent means you are subject to scrutiny all the time nowadays. I believe in the past there have been Nations doing the same to other native people.... let me think...


But the most worrying aspect in the legislation: "some" gentlemen managed to pass: the Patriot Act. It allows US enforcement to hold and detain people indefinatly without a lawyer or courts involved. This could be anyone... just the "assumption"...

In addtion we learned lately that torture is simply a matter of defination and that its appliance is widely used by American Forces. Are you proud of dominating others this way?

What way do you think does US go?